Miracles in MYANMAR! The amazing story of Thomas L!

We so appreciate the prayers and financial support of our partners and fellow mission lovers. Our mission continues to grow, including our Freedom Bible Academy training schools in in 6 countries. We are rejoicing because we just had our second graduation in Kalaymyo, Myanmar. This is the amazing story of my personal, Take Twelve! disciple, Thomas L.

I first became acquainted with Thomas when he wrote to me in January 2011, expressing his sincere desire to reach his fellow countrymen for Jesus Christ. He had been diligently working to reach his Buddhist neighbors with the Good News of Jesus. He was bearing good fruit for his labor, but he desired to do so much more for the Lord! He really wanted to train young Christians to go out to their Buddhist villages and boldly share the Gospel of Christ with their family, friends, neighbors, and acquaintances.

Two translations!

Thomas read my salvation booklet, "Heaven, Here I Come!" and he loved it! He immediately wanted to translate it into the Burmese language and his native Falam Chin language. In December 2013, we printed 1000 copies of his Burmese translation and 500 copies of his Falam Chin translation, and distributed them for FREE! It took a financial miracle for us to be able to print all of those booklets and for Thomas to be able to distribute them free of charge. God deeply touched many people's hearts through reading my testimony. Thomas was so successful with the translation, printing and distribution of "Heaven, Here I Come!" that I was thoroughly impressed. So impressed that I asked Thomas to be one of my personal Take Twelve! disciples. And he agreed! Thank you, Jesus!

Remote evangelistic tours and house church

Thomas wrote me in March 2014, that he had met and married the love of his life, Priscilla K. About a year later,  they moved to the town of Kalaymyo as young missionaries. They had a strong desire to reach their Buddhist neighbors with the Good News of Salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. Thomas began going on evangelistic tours and doing training programs in remote areas of his country. He said that my articles and booklets were a great blessing.  Thomas and Priscilla started a house church in 2016 with the idea of discipling their Buddhist converts. What a great idea!  It's working wonderfully well.  Buddhists are becoming Christians and joining their house church. That is a miracle!

The beginning of Freedom Bible Academy - Myanmar

I then asked Thomas to start one of our Freedom Bible Academy training schools, and he said yes again! This is what he had always wanted to do: train young Christians to carry the Gospel message to their Buddhist  families, friends, and neighbors! Thomas and Priscilla stared Freedom Bible Academy in June 2016 with 6 students. Their course lasts 3 years. I was thrilled to have such a devoted  Bible school director in Myanmar. It was a dream come true for Thomas, and it was for me as well!

The miracle of meeting in person!

Thomas and I have continued to develop our relationship over the years. In September 2016,  we actually got to meet face to face when he visited a relative in the eastern US. By a financial miracle, I was able to send him the money to come to visit us in Colorado. This really cemented our relationship. It took many miracles over several years!

Progress of our Myanmar Freedom Bible Academy

After starting with 6 students in 2016,  we had 4 students in 2017,  9 students in 2018 with 1 of the students graduating. In 2019, we again had 9 student and 2 graduating.  One of the 2 graduates, a yound man,  is going out as a missionary to Buddhists in another state in Myanmar. The young woman who graduated will stay and work full time with Thomas and Priscilla in their Agape Education Center where they teach English to local children. Our wonderful Bible school in Myanmar is turning out some highly motivated and hard working missionaries! I am so proud of Thomas and Priscilla





Five years of students


Agape Education Center

This education center is very important because Myanmar is a very strict Buddhist nation. It strongly frowns upon any Buddhist converting to Christianity.  Teaching English to the children is truly being as wise as a serpent and as gentle as a dove! God is really blessing the school. The children are learning about  Jesus as they read simple Bible stories in English. It is our hope that in time these children will be able to share the Good News of salvation with their parents.

The precious next generation!

Plans for the future

Thomas dreams and literal plans for the future. Over the years, we have been renting 2 houses as lodging for the FBA students: one for the men and one for the women.  We, together with Thomas, have purchased land, We are praying to see the literal plans come into reality for all aspects of the ministries Thomas oversees.

As you can see from this amazing testimony, God has done mighty miracles for Thomas and Priscilla! God has given them good success with their house church, our Freedom Bible Academy, and their Agape Education Center. Please pray for protection for them from severe persecution! Consider joining with us and with them financially, as well.  And also pray that many Buddhists will give their hearts and lives to Jesus! Pray for even more Miracles In Myanmar!