Miracles in UGANDA! The amazing story of Isaac B!

We are rejoicing in the great things God is doing with the help of your prayers and financial support. My disciple, Isaac B, who lives in the mountains of Uganda, is multiplying his life in our 26 Freedom Bible Academy students!

I have been working with Isaac for 8 years, since God brought us together in 2012. He and his wife Scovia have 4 sons, a daughter, as well as three orphans and at-risk children in their home. He is the pastor of Bread of Life Christian Centre with 150 believers. He also has a large school and orphanage. He has a passion to reach his homeland by planting churches.

Isaac wrote me about his vision:
Dear Dad Errol,
I want to inform you that I had a wonderful time with our students. The students are very happy and have expressed their gratitude to you and GGM USA and GGM Uganda. We have registered 10 more students. And I want to open up other Learning centers both in my village and elsewhere. I want to reach out to Rwanda, Burundi, and South Sudan and Congo. I want also to conduct seminars and Bible conferences on What is True Christianity? (Errol's latest book) This is something that is missing out a lot in our so called Christian or church denominations. I thank God for this great and profound simple truth of what true Christianity is. Thank you so much for your support for our beautiful school uniforms and food. Your loving son, Isaac

New shirts for Freedom Bible Academy Students

She likes her shirt

Our students worshiping

Take Twelve! in 2012

Back in 2012, Isaac was struggling to raise his growing family on $30 a month. I invited Isaac to be one of my personal Take Twelve! disciples. He prayed about it and agreed! I began to support Isaac financially, as I could. Isaac is now the Director of our Freedom Bible Academy with 26 students.

Our Academy has been running for about 3 years, and we just had our first graduation ceremony with 15 graduates! Our Bible school allows poor students to attend without cost!  THAT IS A MIRACLE!!! We even do our best to supplement the students with free food during the school year.  Our students are so grateful that they are actually able to attend a high quality Bible school for 3 years for FREE! That is unheard of. I don't think hungry students should be denied a quality Bible School education just because they are poor, do you?


Isaac leads the graduates and their families out

We call it "Freedom" because I realized that the church in Africa is just as bound up with religious legalism as the church in America. I want our students to be set free from legalism just like I was! Jesus said, "Therefore, if the Son makes you free, you are free indeed!" John 8:36  We thank God for FREEDOM! Our students thank God for FREEDOM BIBLE ACADEMY!  After our students have been fully trained and mentored by our director Isaac for 3 years, they are commissioned and sent back to their villages and home towns to share the Gospel with their families, friends, neighbors, and acquaintances.  We encourage each of them to start a new church in their home and begin to disciple all their new converts! The Gospel is  going out to their district, and throughout Uganda!  What a miracle FREEDOM BIBLE ACADEMY has become! We are turning out excited Gospel preachers and soul winners! We invite you, our dear friends, to join us in this soul winning mission!

Many thanks to God for my wonderful disciple Isaac and his faithful wife Scovia! They have worked so hard to make Freedom Bible Academy a success! These are their 5 children and 3 other children.

Much love to all of you, our dear friends and supporters! Please continue to work with us in this soul winning Mission!

Errol and Gretchen