Distributing Booklets and Bibles

Currently, Errol’s first two booklets, “Heaven, Here I Come,” translated into 10 languages, and ” Simple House Churches,”  translated into 3 languages, have been distributed in 6 countries in Africa and Asia.  These small booklets are the perfect size to attach to an email for overseas. We have digitally sent these books to men in Asia and Africa to be translated, printed, and given away to anyone, including Freedom Bible Academy students, church members, and any local people who might be interested. Currently, over 10,000 “Heaven, Here I Come” and 2700 “Simple House Churches” have been given away by our associates and disciples. Errol’s newest booklet, “What is True Christianity?” has been translated and is waiting to be printed and distributed.  We also make these booklets available for donation here in North America.

We have received word that many people have been saved reading “Heaven, Here I Come.” There have also been some healings.


Another aspect of our outreach has been financing Bibles for Our 12! to distribute as they request them. We have sent funds for 222 Bibles in 2 countries.